Individual Files & Downloads
We now stock over 150,000 logos
Need a logo for a job? Need it TODAY? You can get individual files via email same day, 7 days a week. Or you can purchase one of our CD libraries and get access to our servers to download files 24/7.
You can get download access to our special clip art server and download the same files from our clip art CDs same day. When you place your order we will e-mail you an order confirmation along with a password and username for our clip art server. This way you get the files you need same day instead of haveing to wait for the CDs to arrive.
We stock over 90,000 logos and trademarks from a variety of categories, and our library is growing every day. Individual logos and marks may be purchased for same day e-mail delivery. We can also track down a logo for you if we don't have it in stock, usually within 12 hours (may take longer for more logos).
We stock logo & clip art in the following categories:
- Company Logos & Trademarks - $10 each - min 2
- University Logos - $15 each
- University Sports Mascot Logos - $15 each
- Sports Teams - $20 each
- Government, Military, & State Seals and Logos - $25 each
- Famous Cartoon Characters - $10 each
- European Companies - $10 each - min 2
- Organization and Association Logos and Seals - $10 each - min 2
- Product Brands and Logos - $10 each - min 2
- Universal Signs and Pictograms - $5 each - min 3
Min order for individual files is $10.
- Logos are from the companies and not from scanned or web images
- Clip art is provided in vector EPS format for the highest quality possible.
Please Email Us for volume pricing and logo availability.

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