Q. Is placing an online order on your site really secure?
A. YES, IT IS. All the orders are encrypted and sent to a secure server. We even need a password ourselves to access all the orders that were submitted via our site. Even in the very highly unlikely even that someone does get a hold of one of the submitted order forms, all the information on the file is encrypted and all they will see is garbage text. The submitted information is encrypted with government level encryption technology and has never been cracked. So rest assured your information is safe from prying eyes.
Q. Why don't you offer FEDEX or UPS shipping?
A. Simple answer, their services suck. In the past year FEDEX and UPS combined, lost 16 packages, misdelivered 22, missed scheduled delivery dates 51 times, and overbilled us by $1000. The good'ole US Mail, slow at times, delivers every time, and its cheap. Besides, you can get same day access to download all of our clip art; this way you don't have to wait for the CDs to arrive.
A. So what else is new? You should have ordered a week earlier. Just kidding. You don't have to wail for the CDs to arrive, B E C A U S E we let you donwload everything the same day you placed your order. WHY you ask ? So that you dont have to wait and miss your deadline. This is the age of the Internet, fast connections to it, downloades, and online ordering. If you don't know what a download is, please ask.
Q. Why are some well known logos not included in the LOGOart?
A. Altough we are doing them a favor by including the logos in the LOGOart CD, which ensures that some users who would normally just use any ole' version they get their hands on use the correct versions, some companies wish to not have their logos included in an effort to control its usage by the general public.   On the other hand a huge number of companies do ask us to include their logos and they update us every time a new version is available.
Q. When I buy the LOGOart CD do I also get permission to display the logos for commercial use?
A. NO. As with most other software when you purchase the LOGOart CD you are only purchasing a license to use the CD for private use and not for any commercial purpose. To use/display any of the logos and trademarks on the CD commercially you need to contact each individual registered owner and get permission. Unless you are an authorized agent or affiliated to any of the logo copyright holders and have prior permission to use the logos. Many of the companies will allow you to use their logo without any permission by just following their display and usage guidelines provided on their web sites.
Q. What the heck is EPS and PDF?
A. EPS and PDF are file formats (languages) created by Adobe Systems and work virtually the same way, actually there is not much difference between them other than PDF files are MUCH (10 times) smaller, and can retain comments, and layout information better that EPS files can.  They open the same way as EPS, and the contents can be edited.  PDF can contain the same exact VECTOR information as EPS, and can be read by more programs than EPS can. PDF and EPS are both created by Adobe and are being gradually merged, both use the same Postscript language, and are cross compatible. EPS files are not compatible with many Microsoft programs, but PDF is. The new Adobe Illustrator’s native file format is PDF. Designers usually go with PDF rather than EPS, due to the less complicated nature and better flexability of the PDF format.
Q. I get an error message when I try to open an EPS file?
A. UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE. Computer technology moves very fast, software is updated almost on weekly basis. You are getting an error either beacue your operating software is old, or the graphics program need updating. We only support the current operating systems from Apple and Microsoft. Unfortunately we can not afford to support older operating systems and programs. We use Adobe Illustrator (12) CS2, you will need at least Illustrator 9 or later to open the EPS files on the LOGOart CD. Older Adobe products have difficulties with the newer EPS files because the new EPS format is based on the PDF technology. We also use Corel Draw 12, Freehand MX, and Canvas 9. Corel Draw is by far the most flexible of the graphics programs with the least difficulties with EPS files. Please note that due to the ridiculous cost of specialty sign cutting programs, we refuse to support them, however most of them can open EPS and PDF with ease.
Q. Do you really have 150,000 logos & trademarks?
A. No, we probably have more. But our main database consist of over 150,000 logos and trademarks, and it grows by a few thousand every year. The LOGOart CD contains only the most requested and popular marks. If you don't see a logo you need on the LOGOart list, contact us bellow, we can get you the files you need usually within 24 hours. Note that there is a per logo charge for logos that were not provided on the LOGOart CD originally.
Q. Is the LOGOart CD up-to-date?
A. Yes. But companies change logos all the time, and we try to play catchup, which is once a year. Companies change and modify logos everyday. And with LOGOart growing to over 16,000 logos and trademarks, it is at times difficult to allocate the resources to update the logos and trademarks in a timely manner. However if you need a specific logo, and the one on the CD is not the one you need, Email Us, we can usually locate the updated one for you within 24 hours.
Q. My computer says: "This CD cannot be read, would you like to initialize it?"
A. This is not a defect in our products, all of our clip art CDs are TESTED before we ship them out. In order to read some CD-ROMs you need to have the latest CD-Rom extensions installed from your OS publisher. Windows XP, and Win 2000 display this error message most often. Getting a Mac would be the smartest solution.
Q. How do I view the Vector EPS files I got from you, Adobe® Acrobat® won't open them?
A. Adobe® Acrobat® will only open PDF files, and is provided on our CDs for viewing the clip art index only, NOT opening the EPS files. EPS files can be viewed and edited using Adobe® Illustrator® CS, Corel® Draw®, or Macromedia® Freehand®. Adobe® Photoshop® will also open EPS files but you can not edit them. However Acrobat will open the PDF version of the files.
Q. The EPS files I got from you are all jagged on screen, and print even worse. What is going on?
A. Vector EPS files contain a PREVIEW image, which is there to allow you to see what the file content looks like. This preview image is a low resolution bitmap image. If you PLACE an EPS image in a document, all you will see is the bitmap preview image, which will appear jagged on screen. However if you have a POSTSCRIPT language equipped printer the EPS image will print clean at the printers highest resolution. You need to OPEN Vector EPS files and not PLACE or IMPORT them. Also you need to get a POSTSCRIPT capable printer to print them at high resolution. Also if the application you are using can't read EPS files correctly it will only show you the preview image, which is jagged and ugly.
Q. How do we get our company logo(s) removed from the LOGOart™ CD?
A. To have logos or trademarks removed from the LOGOart™ CD; please Email Us
us: 1) A statement by you signed
under the penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that you have the authority to enforce the removal of the logos. 2) A physical or electronic signature of the copyright owner. 3) A description of the material to be removed. 4) Contact information for you & copyright holder, including, phone, address and E-mail address. Note that we will only honor E-mail requests, all others are IGNORED.
Q. How do we get our company logo(s) added to the LOGOart™ CD?
A.  Email Us requesting the addition of your logos, along with your logo(s) in VECTOR EPS format.
If your question was not answered above, please Email Us us. We will be happy to assist you.

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